Tuesday, 13 May 2008

First contribution to the project (from France)

Hello Postcardsanon !
Here is my contribution to your blog.
I focused more on the manipulating aspect of advertising & the gullible side that we all have....hope I'm in the theme.

(Thanks very much for these; they're great! I like your take on the theme)

Tuesday, 29 April 2008

The Postcards Anonymous Project

This is an art project which will seek to explore consumerism, advertising strategy & its effects, globalisation and other issues through series of postcards which will be left in the environment for people to find. Hopefully this blog will develop into an collaborative artwork.Anyone who has followed the link from the postcards to this blog, or who is interested in the themes is welcome to comment on the existing images or create and upload their own.


PopCards are inspired by Andy Warhol's dollar sign & other Pop Art from the 1960s onwards, and can be taken as either a critique or celebration of consumerism.


We usually receive postcards that portray places in their best light, or which sometimes don't reflect the real essence of a place. In terms of photography at least, it is often the 'other' in towns, cities & villages which offers a more interesting subject matter.

Please feel free to send your own postcard appropriations. It would be great to have a showcase works from around the UK, and abroad. Images can be sent via email to postcardsanon@hotmail.co.uk